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Title translated into English:Limits of increasing the performance in sports medicine
Author:Prokop, L.
Editor:Boening, D.; Braumann, Klaus-Michael; Busse, M.W.; Maassen, N.; Schmidt, W.
Published in:Sport - Rettung oder Risiko für die Gesundheit? 31. Deutscher Sportärztekongress, Hannover 1988
Published:Köln: Dt. Ärzte-Verl. (Verlag), 1989, 1989. S. 519-524
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Identification number:PU199411074466

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The first duty of a sports doctor is to save an athlete's health and the most insignificant one to support the increase of performance. The second aim is to regard mechanical solidity of different tissues, funcitonal possibilities of adaption and the psycho-nervous situation. Ambition, motivation and doping provoke performances additionally which overcharge the athlete and lead to injuries and damages. Today a sports doctor finds himself more and more forced to support the increase of performance and is seduced to unmedical and inhuman manipulation of performance. Due to the uncritical applying of scientific results on the athletes and the preparation of injured and ill athletes for competitions the doctor offends against the primitive law of the "primum nil nocere". The sports doctor should take the medical responsibility and the necessary knowledge of the pathophysiological limits extremely serious. Verf.-Referat