Die körperliche Leistungsfähigkeit nach einer seriellen Bestrahlung mit UVB

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Title translated into English:Change of physical condition under serial exposure to UVB irradiation
Author:Rummel, M.; Falkenbach, A.; Foehrenbach, R.; Boehmer, D.; Buehring, M.
Published in:Sport und Medizin pro und contra / 32. Deutscher Sportärzte-Kongress, München 1990
Published:München: Zuckschwerdt (Verlag), 1991, S. 854-856, Lit.
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Publication Type: Compilation article
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Identification number:PU199604107514

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The maximum of physical work capacity was determined in 12 volunteers (bicycle ergometer, increasing load, 50 W every 3 min). At rest, every 3 min, and at the end, pulse and lactate concentration were measured. This examination was performed before and after a series of 15 irradiations within 5 weeks. For treatment, 24 lamps were used, with exposure times increasing from x = 8.8+/-2.1 min to x = 24.2+/-5.1 min, to reach suberythemal doses. For control, 12 other volunteers were exposed to common neon light (60 W). A significant bradycardia at rest was found in the UVB-treated group (2p</=0.05 Wilcoxon). At high levels of physical stress, a slightly improved work capacity was observed, while in the control group a slight deterioration was found. UV seems to have a greater influence on the vegetative regulation than on the metabolic work capacity. Verf.-Referat