Integrating low-intensity plyometrics into strength and conditioning programs

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Title translated into German:Die Einbindung plyometrischen Trainings mit niedriger Intensität in Kraft- und Konditionstrainingsprogramme
Author:Shiner, Jay; Bishop, Tim; Cosgarea, Andrew J.
Published in:Strength and conditioning journal
Published:27 (2005), 6, S. 10-20, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:1533-4295, 1073-6840
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Identification number:PU201407006286


This article will define plyometrics and provide a basis of understanding for functional progressions leading up to plyometric exercises. Readiness for plyometrics is presented as a method of defining an adequate strength base. Sample exercises and progressions are provided, including an example of the integration of low-intensity plyometrics into a speed development program. Verf.-Referat