Periodization strategies for youth development

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Title translated into German:Periodisierungsstrategien für die Entwicklung bei Heranwachsenden
Author:Haff, G. Gregory
Published in:Strength and conditioning for young athletes : science and application
Published:London, New York (N.Y.): Routledge (Verlag), 2014, S. 149-168, Lit.
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Periodization is fundamentally a planning paradigm in which training interventions are structured so as to maximize performance or adaptive responses in accordance with the athletes' needs. The development of a periodized training plan is largely predicated on understanding the various levels of planning used to create a periodized training plan and how they can be applied to the long-term development of youth athletes. Therefore, the primary purpose of this chapter is to discuss: 1) how to define periodization; 2) the primary goals of periodization; 3) the various planning levels associated with a periodized training plan; and 4) the application of periodization to the long-term development of youth athletes. (geändert)