Физическое состояние организма военнослужащих и роль физических упражнений в его совершенствовании

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Title translated into Russian:Fizičeskoe sostojanie organizma voennoslužaščich i rol’ fizičeskich upražnenij v ego soveršenstovanii
Title translated into German:Der körperliche Zustand von Militärangehörigen und die Rolle von Körperübungen für seine Vervollkommnung
Title translated into English:Physical condition of servicemen and the role of physical exercises for its improvement
Author:Kuznecov, I.A.
Published in:Teorija i praktika fiziceskoj kul'tury
Published:2014, 9, S. 38-40 , Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU201412010736

Author's abstract

For successful performance of professional actions in various climatic-geographical zones the personnel of divisions of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation has to possess the qualities providing an adequate level of the body' working capacity. It is established that high physical working capacity and fighting efficiency of the personnel are caused not only by the level of professional skills of the military personnel, but also considerably depend on morphological and functional characteristics of an organism, i.e. a so-called human physical state. The term “physical state”, in view of semantics, has quite a lot of interpretations. It is necessary to emphasize that expressiveness of functional changes in the body in response to physical training depends on specific features of the body of the ones engaged and their fitness level. The reorganization of body's functions during adaptation to physical loads is definitely related to their dynamic physiological norm. Thus, the value of physical exercises for the body's physical improvement of servicemen consists is in the fact that physical exercises affect all organs and systems. Servicemen who systematically subject their organism to purposeful physical loads are more adapted to physical loads and have the best physical working capacity. Regular physical training promotes a number of physiological changes in a human body, which contribute to an increase in physical working capacity, strengthen health and increase resistance of the body to extreme environmental conditions. Verf.-Referat