Science and racket sports IV

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Title translated into German:Wissenschaft und Rückschlagsportarten IV
Editor:Lees, Adrian; Cabello-Manrique, David; Torres-Luque, Gema
Published:London: Routledge (Verlag), 2009, XXII, 310 S., Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Book
Media type: Print resource
Document Type: Anthology
ISBN:0203894871, 0415435560, 9780203894873, 9780415435567
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Identification number:PU201203001846


Science and Racket Sports IV presents a selection of important contemporary research into the four core racket sport disciplines of tennis, badminton, squash and table tennis. It showcases the best of the peer-reviewed papers and keynote addresses presented at the Fourth World Congress of Science and Racket Sports, Madrid. Including contributions from many of the world’s leading racket sport scientists, researchers and practitioners, the book details cutting-edge research in six key areas: 1. Physiology. 2. Biomechanics. 3. Sports medicine. 4. Psychology. 5. Performance analysis. 6. Pedagogy, sociology and coach education. Verl.-Information