The effects of effort, performance, and expertise on apparent size perception in golf

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Title translated into German:Der Einfluss von Anstrengung, Leistung und Kompetenz auf die Wahrnehmung der anscheinenden Größe im Golf
Author:Memmert, Daniel; Blanco, Marissa; Merkle, Veronique
Published in:International journal of sport psychology
Published:40 (2009), 2, S. 270-283, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0047-0767, 1147-0767
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Identification number:PU201108007091


Recent studies have suggested that conscious perception is influenced by effort and performance. The participation in sport activities seems to play a major role in perceiving the objects involved in motor activities. The purpose of Experiment 1 was to replicate the previously noted connection between effort and size perception of the ball in golf. The results showed that active golfers estimated the size of the golf ball to be bigger than golfers who did not engage in the game of golf. These findings were independent of the level of expertise. Experiment 2 demonstrated that perception of the size of the golf hole could not be modulated by performance efficacy. The results of both experiments are discussed in relation to recent perception models with suggestions for future investigations. Verf.-Referat (geändert)