Increasing the number of steps walked each day improves physical fitness in Japanese community-dwelling adults

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Title translated into German:Steigerung der körperlichen Fitness von japanischen Seniorenheimbewohnern durch Erhöhung der Anzahl von Schritten während des Tages
Author:Okamoto, N.; Nakatani, T.; Okamoto, Y.; Iwamoto, J.; Saeki, K.; Kuramatani, N.
Published in:International journal of sports medicine
Published:31 (2010), 4, S. 277-282, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource Electronic resource (online)
ISSN:0172-4622, 1439-3964
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Identification number:PU201007005343


We aimed to investigate the effects of increasing the number of steps each day on physical fitness, and the change in physical fitness according to the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) genotype. A total of 174 participants were randomly assigned to two groups. Subjects in group A were instructed for 24-week trial to increase the number of steps walked each day, while subjects in group B were instructed to engage in brisk walking, at a target heart rate, for 20 min or more a day on two or more days a week. The values of the 3-min shuttle stamina walk test (SSWT) and the 30-s chair-stand test (CS-30) significantly increased, but no differences in increase were found between the groups. A significant relationship was found between the percentage increase in SSWT values and the increase in the number of steps walked by 1500 steps or more per day over their baseline values. Our results suggest that increasing the number of steps walked daily improves physical fitness. No significant relationships were observed between the change in physical fitness and ACE genotypes. Verf.-Referat