Nutrition in the exercising elderly

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Title translated into German:Ernaehrung des Alterssportlers
Author:Sacheck, J.M.; Roubenoff, R.
Published in:Clinics in sports medicine
Published:18 (1999), 3 , S. 565-584, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199908401071

Author's abstract

Although the nutritional needs of the elderly are addressed in many investigations, there is a paucity of studies on the needs of the exercising elderly. This article combines information on both nutrition and the special nutritional needs of a maturing population in which physical activity is becoming a major factor for many individuals. This article also addresses energy needs, pitfalls in fulfilling nutritional needs, the need for and benefits of specific essential nutrients, and recommendations for specific micronutrients. Information is presented logically and practically, in a way that is highly useful for anyone involved in the care of an elderly patient or family member. Verf.-Referat