Biochemical and immunohistochemical changes in gastrocnemius muscle of rats fed low protein diet following electrical stimulation

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Title translated into German:Biochemische und immunhistochemische Veraenderungen im M. gastrocnemius der Ratte nach Elektrostimulation bei proteinarmer Fuetterung
Author:Mizunuma, T.; Sakai, K.; Kawahito, N.; Iwashina, H.; Yamamoto, S.; Kawano, Y.; Manabe, S.; Nagata-Kuno, K.
Published in:Japanese journal of physical fitness and sports medicine
Published:46 (1997), 5 , S. 471-478, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU199805301793

Author's abstract

We investigated biochemical and morphological changes in electrically stimulated gastrocnemius muscle of rats fed normal (20% casein) and low-protein (5% casein) diets. Tissue weight and protein content per tissue weight of gastrocnemius muscle were significantly decreased in rats fed 5% casein diet than in rats fed 20% casein diet. Immunohistochemically, cathepsin B antigen was detected in inflammatory cells, and injured sites determined immunological intensity of anti-cathepsin B were lower in 5% casein diet group than 20% casein diet group. Electron microscopically, there was delayed repairment of muscle components (sarcometric units) in 5% casein diet as compared with that in 20% casein diet group. Verf.-Referat