Early versus late reconstruction for anterior cruciate ligament rupture. Results after five years of followup

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Title translated into German:Fruehe versus spaete Rekonstruktion bei Ruptur des vorderen Kreuzbandes. Ergebnisse nach fuenf Jahren
Author:Marcacci, Maurilio; Zaffagnini, Stefano; Iacono, Francesco; Neri, Maria Pia; Petitto, Aldo
Published in:The American journal of sports medicine
Published:23 (1995), 6 , S. 690-693, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0363-5465, 1552-3365
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Identification number:PU199605107767

Author's abstract

We investigated the clinical and laxity testing results at 5 years followup in patients who had early or late anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Twenty-three patients (Group I) were treated within 15 days of injury. Fifty-nine patients (Group II) were treated more than 3 months after injury. Patellar tendon reconstruction and fascia lata graft augmented with a ligament augmentation device were the techniques used in both groups. According to the International Knee Documentation Committee rating scale, 17 patients in Group I and 38 patients in Group II has satisfactory results. The Lysholm score was good in all Group I patients and in 55 Group II patients. Flexion-extension deficits were comparable for both groups. Eighteen patients (78%) in Group I demonstrated satisfactory results according to the KT-2000 arthrometer testing, compared with 44 (75%) in Group II. No associated lesions were present in 12 (52%) cases in Group I, compared with 26 (44%) cases in Group II. Return to sports at the preoperative level was obtained by 21 (91%) patients in Group I, compared with 42 (71%) in Group II. The patients who had reconstruction during the early phase returned to sports activities sooner and had better clinical and laxity testing results. Verf.-Referat