Touch training for strength

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Title translated into German:Training mit Beruehrung zur Erlangung von Kraft
Author:Rothenberg, Beth; Rothenberg, Oscar
Published:Champaign: Human Kinetics (Verlag), 1995, XI, 139 S. S., Abb., Tab., Lit.
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Publication Type: Book
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Identification number:PU199507076917


This book is specifically for strength and conditioning specialists, coaches, fitness instructors, and serious athletes. The book explains how to use the innate organization of the sensorimotor system of healthy exercisers to enhance the mental image of movement and to increase the force of muscle contractions. We explain the physiological and psychological basis of our training process while offering hands-on guidelines for using it. Author argues, that Systematic T.O.U.C.H. Training SM (STT) enhances the effects of all other training methods, and that our step-by-step approach will help athletes reach performance and gain a competitive edge by maximizing muscle strength and improving concentration. The practical instructions teach how to -accurately evaluate muscle tension and detect muscle imbalances, -stimulate or relax a contraction, -help delay the onset of muscle fatigue, -improve muscle sequencing and coordination. aus dem Vorwort/Klappentext