Methodik und Ergebnisse der Versorgung frischer vorderer Kreuzbandrupturen mit PDS-Kordel-Augmentation

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Title translated into English:Repair of the ACL using an absorbable PDS augmentation device
Author:Rischke, B.; Schweitzer, J.; Westermann, K.
Editor:Boening, D.; Braumann, Klaus-Michael; Busse, M.W.; Maassen, N.; Schmidt, W.
Published in:Sport - Rettung oder Risiko für die Gesundheit? 31. Deutscher Sportärztekongress, Hannover 1988
Published:Köln: Dt. Ärzte-Verl. (Verlag), 1989, 1989. S. 847-850, Lit., Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
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Identification number:PU199411074621

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A retrospective study to determine the efficacy of augmentation with an u-shaped PDS cord for the acute anterior cruciate ligament tears of the knee is presented. The two cords protect the anterior-medial and the posterior-lateral bundle of the anterior cruciate ligament. The post-surgical immobilisation is therefore not necessary. We operated 104 patients in this way. The main surgery to follow-up interval was 1-3 years. 95% of patients were subjectively improved, 4% continued to have pain and continued to experience giving way. Physical examination demonstrated in 1% a postsurgical instability. We recommend the procedure as a primary ACL repair. Verf.-Referat