Periodisation and the prevention of overtraining

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Title translated into German:Trainingsperiodisierung und Verhuetung des Uebertrainingssyndroms
Author:Fry, Rod W.; Morton, Alan R.; Keast, David
Published in:Canadian journal of applied sport sciences
Published:17 (1992), 3 , S. 241-248, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU199210060016
AU  - Fry, Rod W.
A2  - Fry, Rod W.
A2  - Morton, Alan R.
A2  - Keast, David
DB  - BISp
DP  - BISp
KW  - Prävention
KW  - Trainingsaufbau
KW  - Trainingsoptimierung
KW  - Trainingsperiodisierung
KW  - Trainingswissenschaft
KW  - Ätiologie
KW  - Übertraining
LA  - eng
TI  - Periodisation and the prevention of overtraining
TT  - Trainingsperiodisierung und Verhuetung des Uebertrainingssyndroms
PY  - 1992
N2  - It may be essential for the athlete to train in cycles in order to induce optimal improvements and prevent overtraining. Without sufficient recovery time, adaptation may not occur and the athlete may develop the symptoms of overtraining due to continuous and/or excessive exposure to training stress. Training in cycles provides guidelines for the times in the training programme when regeneration should be complete, and therefore the times when the athlete can be screened for overtraining without confusing the fatigue of overload training with that of overtraining. A periodised training structure provides guideliines for conducting research into the mechanisms of training adaptation and overtraining. Verf.-Referat
SP  - S. 241-248
SN  - 0700-3978
JO  - Canadian journal of applied sport sciences
IS  - 3
VL  - 17
M3  - Gedruckte Ressource
ID  - PU199210060016
ER  -