Periodisation of training stress - a review

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Title translated into German:Periodisierung der Trainingsbelastung - ein Ueberblick
Author:Fry, Rod W.; Morton, Alan R.; Keast, David
Published in:Canadian journal of applied sport sciences
Published:17 (1992), 3 , S. 234-240, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199210060015


Athletic performance improves as the athlete adapts to progressively increasing training loads. Empirical observations and studies investigating fluctuations in performance indicate that this adaptation occurs during periods of reduced training, termed regeneration periods. Thus ist is essential that adequate regeneration time be included in training programmes so that adaptation can be achieved. In order to induce adaptation, heavy periods of training are used to provide a stiimulus for adaptive processes to become functional. The literature and anecdotal accounts suggest that the cycling off light, medium, and heavy periods of training is an optimal method for combining the heavy periods of training with the periods of light training needed to allow adaptation and supercompensation. Verf.-Referat