Sport for all: The case of the Manitoba Games

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Title translated into German:Sport fuer Alle am Beispiel der Manitoba Spiele
Author:Johns, David P.
Published in:Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation journal
Published:54 (1988), 6 , S. 16-21, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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In Manitoba, the Sport directorate agency was formed by the provincial government to promote sport involvement and to encourage Manitobans to participate at the level which reflects their degree of skill and commitment. This agency is staffed by sports consultants who initiate and stimulate involvement in sport through the communication of ideas, financial support and the development of programs. One of the agencys major responsibilities is the design and implementation of a program aimed at rural regions of the province, with the express purpose of maximizing the opportunities of small communities to participate in competition. The Manitoba Games have been developed for this purpose and from the subject of this paper. Verf.-Referat