The Administrative and Technical Obstacles Which Prevent King Saud University Students from Participating in Recreational Vol.leyball

Author: Abdulkader A. Albabtain
Language: Arabic; English
Published: 1995
Source: Directory of Open Access Journals: DOAJ Articles
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This study aims to determination the administrative and technical obstacles that prevent King Saud University students from participating in recreational Vol.leyball. A sample of 340 students randomly selected responded to a questionnaire designed by the researcher. Percentages, T- test, and analysis of variance were utilized for data analysis. Results indicated the following obstacles as most important in preventing students from participating in recreational Vol.leyball. I - distance of campus and residence area from sports facilities. 2 - time limits for using university sports facilities. 3 - unavailability of personnel who take the responsibility of organizing Vol.leyball participation. 4 - lack of efficiency in Vol.leyball skills. 5 - inability of Vol.leyball coaches to execute their coaching responsibilities with enough competency