Self-efficacy and endurance performance

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Title translated into German:Selbstwirksamkeit und Ausdauerleistung
Author:Anstiss, Paul A.
Published in:Endurance performance in sport : psychological theory and interventions
Published:Abingdon, New York (N.Y.), London: Routledge (Verlag), 2019, [11 S.], Lit.
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Author's abstract

Self-efficacy represents an individual’s perceived capability to succeed in specific situations or accomplish a task. Self-efficacy has been associated with superior performance across a variety of performance domains. Within an endurance context, research findings have suggested that self-efficacy is associated with superior endurance performance, and improvements in both pain and effort tolerance. This chapter explores the role of self-efficacy within endurance performance by identifying key efficacy beliefs, their formations, and their impacts. Practical recommendations on how to enhance efficacy beliefs will also be discussed.