The Psychology of doping in sport

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Title translated into German:Die Psychologie des Dopings im Sport
Editor:Barkoukis, Vassilis; Lazuras, Lambros; Tsorbatzoudis, Haralambos
Published:London: Routledge (Verlag), 2016, XXIV, 248 S., Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Book
Media type: Print resource Electronic resource (online)
Document Type: Anthology
ISBN:9781138793477, 1315761106, 9781315761107
Series:Routledge research in sport and exercise science
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Identification number:PU201710008793

Author's abstract

This is the first book to draw together cutting-edge research on the psychological processes underlying doping use in sport and exercise, thereby filling an important gap in our understanding of this centrally important issue in contemporary sport. Covering diverse areas of psychology such as social cognition, automatic and controlled processes, moral decision-making, and societal and contextual influence on behaviour, the book also explores methodological considerations surrounding doping assessment in psychological research as well as future directions for evidence-based preventive interventions and anti-doping education.
Written by a team of leading international researchers from countries including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Greece, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Ireland, the book integrates empirical findings with theoretical guidance for future psychological research on doping, and illuminates the challenges, needs and priorities in contemporary doping prevention. It is important reading for advanced students and researchers in sport and exercise science, sport management and sport policy, and will open up new perspectives for professional coaches, sports administrators, policy makers and sport medicine specialists looking to better understand the doping behaviours of athletes in sport.