Strength Training for sport

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Title translated into German:Krafttraining für Sport
Editor:Kraemer, William J.; Häkkinen, Keijo
Published:Oxford: Blackwell Science (Verlag), 2002, X, 186 S., Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Book
Media type: Print resource
Series:Handbook of sports medicine and science
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Identification number:PU200206001748


Strength Training for Sport is a further volume in the Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science Series, published under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee, and represents the fundamental knowledge needed by sports medicine and coaching professionals to understand and develop strength training programmes for athletes. A clearly presented comprehensive source of information on all aspects of strength training, the book covers training-specific characteristics of neuromuscular performance; developing a strength training workout; periodization of training; special considerations in strength training and the medical aspects and administrative concerns in strength training. Containing contributions from a team of world leaders in their respective fields, Strength Training for Sport provides a truly international perspective on this important topic. The authors and their topics are: 1. Fry, A.C.;Newton, R.U.: A brief history of strength training and basic principles and concepts. 2. Häkkinen, K.: Training-specific characteristics of neuromuscular performance. 3. Kraemer, W.J.: Developing a strength training workout. 4. Fleck, St. J.: Periodization of training. 5. Hase-gawa, H.;Dziados, J.;Newton, R.U.; Fry, A.C.;Kraemer, W.J.;Häkkinen, K.: Periodized training programmes for athletes. 6. Fry, A.C.;Häkkinen, K.;Kraemer, W.J.: Special considerations in strength training. 7. Kraemer, W.J.;Dziados, J.: Medical aspects and administrative concerns in strength training. Buchrücken und Inhaltsverzeichnis