Boxing: resistance training considerations for modifying injury risk

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Title translated into German:Boxen: Aspekte des Krafttrainings zur Modifizierung des Verletzungsrisikos
Author:Wallace, M. Brian; Flanagan, Sean
Published in:National Strength and Conditioning Association Journal
Published:1998, 21 (1999), 3, S. 31-39, Lit., Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0744-0049, 1533-4295
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Identification number:PU199908400702

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Boxing is a sport characterized by high-impact forces exerted through varying angles and speeds with tremendous potential for injury. Although research clearly demonstrates the many benefits of a resistance training program for boxers, including enhanced punching velocity, endurance, and power, the most significant contribution may be in its ability to modify injury risk. Considering the dramatic impact that injuries have on training and performance, reducing injury risk should be a major focus of program design for boxers. The purpose of this article is to discuss the specific role of resistance training in modifying the risk of injuries to boxers. This information should be used within the broader context of acute and chronic training principles and programs previously presented. Verf.-Referat