Sport and the making of Britain

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Title translated into German:Sport und der Aufbau Grossbritanniens
Author:Birley, Derek
Published:Manchester: Manchester Univ. Press (Verlag), 1996, X, 355 S., Lit.
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Publication Type: Book
Media type: Print resource
Series:International studies in the history of sport
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Identification number:PU199903307982


The book traces the development of sporting conventions from medial chivalry to modern notions of sportmanship and fair play. Particular sports from hunting and the tournament to ball-games and athletics are shown against the social background of the emerging nation. The first laws of favourite pastimes such as horse-racing, cricket and boxing were devised by the privileges for gambling purposes, but were enthusiastically followed by the lower orders for pleasure and profit. Amongst the topics explored are the changing fortunes and fashions in field sports, "gentlemen and players" in cricket, the public school games cult, amateur purity in rowing, the urban middle class discovery of lawn tennis and golf, and the "north-south divide" in football. These social issues are cross-threads in the theme of sportïs influence on national identity, patriotism and imperialism in the making of Britain. Klappentext