Heart disease and rehabilitation. 3rd ed.

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Title translated into German:Herzkrankheit und Rehabilitation. 3. Aufl.
Editor:Pollock, Michael L.; Schmidt, Donald H.
Published:Champaign: Human Kinetics (Verlag), 1995, 471 S., Lit.
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Publication Type: Book
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'Heart Disease and Rehabilitation' is the most complete and up-to-date reference available on the state of knowledge in heart disease and cardiac rehabilitation. The third edition of this classic text has been stream-lined and reorganized to include 28 completely new chapters and 37 new contributors - all of whom are preeminent researchers and practitioners in their respective fields. The result is a compact volume that provides complete, in-depth coverage of important issues in cardiac rehabilitation such as: how exercise affects morbidity, mortality, and health risk; medical versus surgical management of the coronary patient; how exercise should be prescribed, monitored, and supervised; procedures for performing and evaluating graded exercise testing; and future directions in cardiac rehabilitation. Contents: Part I. Epidemiology of heart disease. Chapter 1: Epidemiologic insights into atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease - from the Framingham Study (Kannel, W.B.). Part II. The heart disease patient: pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment. Chapter 2: Morphological findings in the coronary arteries of patients with myocardial ischemia and its myocardial consequences (Roberts, W.C.). Chapter 3: Biobehavioral aspects of coronary artery disease: considerations for prognosis and treatment (Burnett, R.E. / Blumenthal, J.A.). Chapter 4: Exercise testing: clinical applications (Froelicher, V.F. / Umann, T.M.). Chapter 5: Nuclear cardiology and echocardiography: noninvasive tests for diagnosing patients with coronary artery disease (Schmidt, D.H. / Port, S.C. / Gal, R.A.). Chapter 6: Coronary angiography and interventional techniques in the management of patients with coronary artery disease (Morrison, D.A. / Crowley, S.T.). Chapter 7: Medical versus surgical management of the cardiac patient (Weiner, D.A.). Part III. Risk factor modification. Chapter 8: Scientific rationale for preventive practices in atherosclerotic and hypertensive cardiovascular disease (Leon, A.S.). Chapter 9: Mechanisms by which exercise training may improve the clinical status of cardiac patients (Squires, R.W.). Chapter 10: Behavior modification for cardiovascular risk factor reduction (Miller, N.H. / Taylor, C.B.). Chapter 11: Exercise in the primary prevention of coronary artery disease (Paffenbarger, R.S. / Blair, S.N.). Chapter 12: The value of cardiac rehabilitation: secondary prevention (Foster, C. / Schrager, M. / Cohen, J.). Part IV. Rehabilitation of the cardiac patient. Chapter 13: Administration of cardiac rehabilitation outpatient programs (Berra, K. / Hall, L.K.). Chapter 14: Rehabilitation of the cardiac patient during hospitalization: inpatient programs (Ben-Ari, E.). Chapter 15: Hospital- and home-based cardiac rehabilitation outpatient programs (Franklin, B.A. / Bonzheim, K. / Berg, T. / Bonzheim, S.). Chapter 16: Community-based cardiac rehabilitation outpatient programs (Miller, H.S. / Fletcher, G.F.). Chapter 17: Exercise prescription for cardiac rehabilitation (Pollock, M.L. / Welsch, M.A. / Graves, J.E.). Chapter 18: Patient education: practical guidelines (Hansen, M. / Streff, M.M.). Chapter 19: Standards for cardiac rehabilitation programs and practice (Comoss, P.M.). Part V. Special considerations in cardiac rehabilitation. Chapter 20: Altitude and cold (Pandolf, K.B. / Young, A.J.). Chapter 21: Heat and air pollution (Folinsbee, L.J.). Chapter 22: Hypertension (Hanson, P. / Rueckert, P.). Chapter 23: Diabetic patients (Hanson, P.). Chapter 24: Sexual relations (Skinner, J.S.). Chapter 25: Drug effects (Lowenthal, D.T. / Guillen, G.J. / Kendrick, Z.V.). Chapter 26: Patient compliance (Oldridge, N.B.). Chapter 27: Returning the patient to work (Gutmann, M.C. / Sheldahl, L.M. / Tristani, F.E. / Wilke, N.A.). Chapter 28: Safety, precautions, and emergency procedures (Van Camp, S.P.). Chapter 29: Legal considerations (Herbert, W.G. / Herbert, D.L.). Part VI. Cardiac Rehabilitation perspective. Chapter 30: Future directions in cardiac rehabilitation (Wenger, N.K.). Klappentext und Inhalt