Effect of physical exercise on concentration capability during mental stress

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Title translated into German:Auswirkung koerperlichen Trainings auf die Konzentrationsfaehigkeit bei mentalem Stress
Author:Falkenbach, A.; Weber, E.; Unkelbach, U.; Wendt, T.
Published in:Hungarian Review of Sports Medicine
Published:33 (1992), 2 , S. 91-95, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199405063059


10 dental students carried out 2x2 d-tests quantifying actual concentration capability. The tests were interrupted (after 2 tests) by a standardized dynamic physical exercise for 5 minutes or - at another day, same volunteers - by 5 minutes rest in a sitting position listening to calming music. Test results (correct marks of 1316) before and after break were compared. In the test setting with exercise the correct number (Mean +/- standard deviation) changed from 692.7 (+/- 80.8) before to 787.2 (+/- 93.5) after the break, in the setting with rest during the break the number changed from 727.1 (+/- 160.8) to 783 (+/- 163.4) signs marked correctly. Verf.-Referat