An introduction to sport and physical education

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Title translated into German:Eine Einfuehrung in Sport und Leibeserziehung
Author:Zeigler, Earle F.
Published:Carmel (Ind.): Benchmark Press (Verlag), 1989, XXVI, 425 S., Lit.
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Publication Type: Book
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In this volume, therefore, the meaning and significance of sport, exercise, and related expressive movement as aspects of our culture are treated at some length. After the Preface and Prologue, in Part I the historical background and status of the mother discipline and the departmental philosophies are covered. There is a separate chapter on philosophy of history, as well as a chapter on informal logic or critical thinking. Chapter 5 is an introduction to the philosophy of religion. In Chapter 7, the specific functions of developmental physical activity in peoples lives are viewed in the light of the leading philosophical positions of the 20 th century. At the close of this chapter, readers are asked to assess their present philosophic stance through self-evaluation in relation to a professional checklist in Appendix A. In Part II, there is an examination of the various social forces and professional concerns influencing members of the profession as they work at their various positions in society. Thus in Part II, possible implications for sport, exercise, and related expressive movement are considered in the light of educational progressivism, educational essentialism, existentialism-phenomenology, and analytic philosophy. In Part III, there are brief discussions treating the building of a personal philosophy of life including sub-philosophies of religion, education, and sport physical education. Finally, there is a brief section about what may lie ahead and a concluding statement (Epilogue). Verf.-Referat (gekuerzt)