N Moeilikheidsgradering van voetslaanpaaie in die RSA met riglyne vir selfevaluasie deur voetslaners

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Title translated into German:Einteilung von Wanderstrecken in Schwierigkeitsgrade und entsprechende vorherige Selbsteinschaetzung der Wanderer
Author:De Villiers, S.W.; Thiart, B.F.
Published in:South African journal for research in sport, physical education and recreation
Published:11 (1988), 1 , S. 37-46, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199105041988


It is possible for prospective hikers to evaluate themselves beforehand and to determine which hiking trails or sections are within their physical capacity. This would enable them to enjoy the hiking experience without undue fatigue. A pre-selection step-test was compiled for intended hikers, which is within the capabilities of the average individual and it was adjusted in accordance to body mass. Individuals can be grouped according to their heart rate on a heart rhythm scale. Recommendations follow as to the advisability of each group embarking upon specified hiking trail sections with regard to each groups ability, and the difficulty of each trail section. A difficulty rating was drawn up for all fully mapped hiking trails in the R.S.A. The constant environmental parameters which influence the degree of difficulty of the hiking trails were quantified, taxed and expressed as a percentage. By way of a comprehensive empirical research project, it was ascertained which groups of hikers are capable of hiking various trail sections, without becoming unduly fatigued. These findings led to a classification of difficulty gradings. Verf.-Referat