Safety of outpatient cardiac exercise programs: Issues regarding medical supervision

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Title translated into German:Die Sicherheit ambulanter Koronarsportprogramme: Aspekte der medizinischen Kontrolle
Author:Haskell, William L.
Published in:Clinics in sports medicine
Published:3 (1984), Bd. 2 , S. 455-469, Lit.
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Identification number:PU198910037771


Medical supervision of cardiac exercise programs should be individualized to each patients needs. In order for this to be done, several factors must be considered, including the nature of increased risk during exercise due to coronary heart disease, ways to minimize the risk of cardiovascular complications during exercise, the types of medical supervision available and their contributions to safety, and the other factors that are influenced by medical supervision, such as program availability and cost and patient reactivity and compliance. Verf.-Referat