Injuries of water polo players - in special regard to the knee joint

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Title translated into German:Verletzungen bei Wasserballspielern unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung des Kniegelenks
Author:Wakayoshi, Koji; Tomoda, Yukinori; Doi, Tokuhide; Hiraoka, Makoto; Urita, Yoshihisa; Tezuka, Kazushi; Fukubayashi, Toru; Kamimaki, Yutaka; Shimojo, Hitoshi
Published in:Japanese journal of physical fitness and sports medicine
Published:36 (1987), 2 , S. 85-94, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU198706030529


102 water polo players were interviewed about the injuries caused by water polo. 13 of the subjects had knee pain at least once a year. 73 of which were chronic cases. For 24 players, clinical examinations, including X-ray examination, A-P knee laxity measurement, isokinetic strength measurement of knee muscles, and photo analysis of the vertical egg beater kick motion were performed to elucidate the cause of knee pain. The summary of the results were as follows; 1. The most common site of knee pain was the medical portion of the knee joint. 2. Protrusion of the medial femoral epicondyle and sharpning of the tibial intercondylar eminentia as well as spur formation of the superior pole of the patella were observed in most subjects. 3. Injured subjects had stiff knees and weak knee extensor muscles. 4. The vertical egg beater kick motion must be the main factor of the painful knee. Verf.-Referat