Prediction of body composition in college football players

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Title translated into German:Voraussage der Koerperzusammensetzung bei College-Footballspielern
Author:White, J.; Mayhew, J.L.; Piper, F.C.
Published in:The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness
Published:20 (1980), 3 , S. 317-324, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0022-4707, 1827-1928
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Identification number:PU198104013828


The purpose of this study was to develop anthropometric and skinfold prediction equations to estimate body density and lean body mass in college footballplayers. Eight skinfolds, 9 muscle circumferences, and 7 skeletal diameters were assessed on 58 college football players during the competivite season. Body density was measured by the underwater weighing technique. Prediction equations were developed for backs, linemen, and the composity group. MultipleRs to predict body density ranged from 81 in backs to 94 in linemen. None of the multiple Rs to predict lean body mass was below .89. Use of anthropometric variables provides a better method for determining a competitors ideal body weight than gross body weight alone. A cross-validation of 9 widely used body composition prediction equations was also performed. Three equations derived on non-athletic populations were considered acceptable for estimation of body density in college football players. Verf.-Referat