Development of Exercise Book to Complementary Teaching Guitar for Mattayomsuksa 5 Students

Author: Phongsathon Hongsaeng; Khomkrich Karin
Language: Thai
Published: 2018
Source: Directory of Open Access Journals: DOAJ Articles
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The purposes of this research were: to 1) efficiency of exercise book to complementary teaching guitar. 2) effectiveness to exercise book to complementary teaching guitar. 3) Students’ satisfaction with the guitar practical package. were used in this research. The research samples were 52 students from Mathayomsuksa 5 at Khamkhuenkaeo chanupatham school. Participants used in research for is Mattayomsuksa 5 students to study Art-Language Program and Art-Physical Education Program. The research instruments consisted of exercise book to complementary teaching guitar, Achievement test and A set of questionnaires for students’ satisfaction with the course. Statistics used in data analysis is mean, standard deviation of the mean, Finding innovation efficiency, The effectiveness index of innovation. The findings revealed as follows. 1) Process efficiency (E1) and the efficiency of the result (E2) are 80.12/79.51 2)The effectiveness index of the guitar performing skill is 0.6568. The theory is 0.5226 and including practices and theories are 0.6101 3) Students are satisfaction to the level of teaching activities at a high level. Satisfaction to the knowledge and skills gained from teaching at a high level, satisfaction to practices at the medium level.