A cross-national comparative perspective on sport clubs in Europe

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Title translated into German:Eine national-übergreifende Vergleichsperspektive auf Sportvereine in Europa
Author:Hoekman, Remco; van der Werff, Harold; Nagel, Siegfried; Breuer, Christoph
Published in:Sport clubs in Europe : a cross-national comparative perspective
Published:Cham: Springer International Publishing (Verlag), 2015, S. 419-435, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Compilation article
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Identification number:PU201712010812

Author's abstract

The preceding 20 chapters have presented national perspectives on sport clubs based on quantitative and descriptive information on the origin of sport clubs, the position of sport clubs within policy and society, and characteristics of sport clubs. In this chapter we offer a cross-national comparison based on the multilevel framework that served as a guideline for the authors for their country chapters. From a macro perspective we pay in this comparison attention to the origin and development of sport clubs and the way sport clubs are embedded in the national sport system, and within policy and society. From a meso perspective we illustrate differences and similarities in the characteristics of sport clubs and identify the main bottlenecks and challenges of sport clubs in the context of the current developments in modern sports and society. Finally, we consider trends and developments and provide a future perspective on sport clubs in Europe and identify knowledge gaps and avenues for future research.