Bury the inner hatchet : complex propositions mediate the relationship of potentially discrepant implicit and explicit attitudes on doping intention

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Title translated into German:Begrabe das innere Kriegsbeil : komplexe Aussagen vermitteln das Verhältnis von potenziell abweichenden impliziten und expliziten Einstellungen zur Dopingabsicht
Author:Baumgarten, Franz; Lucidi, Fabio; Mallia, Luca; Zelli, Arnaldo; Brand, Ralf
Published in:Performance enhancement & health
Published:5 (2016), 1, S. 10-16, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU201710008775

Author's abstract

Introducing a dual-process approach, this study extends research on the psychology of doping by considering discrepancies between athletes’ explicit and implicit evaluations of doping and the way they are cognitively resolved. Framing our hypotheses in terms of the associative-propositional evaluation model, we tested the mediating role of an exemplary extra-propositional process (moral disengagement) on the relationship between discrepant implicit and explicit evaluations and the intention to dope. Eighty participants (62 male; 16.87 ± 1.62 years) worked through a reaction time-based test to assess their implicit evaluations of doping (associative process). Questionnaires were used to assess their explicit evaluations, moral disengagement and intentions. The results support our hypothesis and reveal a significant indirect effect for the mediation path on the relationship between discrepant evaluations and intention. This study illustrates one fundamental cognitive mechanism of doping-related information processing within an athlete's doping mind-set. Future research should focus the interaction between implicit and explicit processes and its impact on doping intention and behaviour.