Mechanical characterization of handball shoes using biomechanical load spectrums

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Title translated into German:Mechanische Charakterisierung von Handballschuhen mit Hilfe von biomechanischen Lastkollektiven
Author:Krumm, Dominik; Gläser, Anne; Schlegel, Gert; Odenwald, Stephan
Published in:Procedia engineering
Published:2015, 112 ('The Impact of Technology on Sport VI' 7th Asia-Pacific Congress on Sports Technology, APCST2015), S. 279-283, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU201607004824

Author's abstract

The purpose of this paper was to mechanically characterize handball shoes using biomechanical evaluated load spectrums. In the first step a biomechanical study with 15 experienced amateur handball players was conducted. Within this study the kinematics and kinetics of three typical handball activities, namely sprint, feint and jump shot, were evaluated using an optoelectronic measurement system and a force plate. After determining typical biomechanical load spectrums for handball activities from the collected data, in a second step a sample of nine handball shoes size UK 8 were mechanically tested to characterize their cushioning properties.