Развитие российской спортивной науки: проблемы и пути решения

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Title translated into Russian:Razvitie rossijskoj sportivnoj nauki: problemy i puti rešenija
Title translated into German:Entwicklung der russischen Sportwissenschaft: Probleme und Wege zur Lösung
Title translated into English:Development of russian sport science: problems and ways of solution
Author:Bal’sevič, V.K.
Published in:Teorija i praktika fiziceskoj kul'tury
Published:61 (2012), 6, S. 9-12, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU201403001727

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The purpose of the present paper was to consider the problems of development of Russian sport science and the ways of their solution. The thought of constructing sports training in a special way dividing it into certain period had arisen in Ancient Greece. Whereas this "periodization of trainings" was assumed compulsory for participants of Olympic games it is assumed to be accepted not due to acknowledgement of scientific rules but more from social considerations and common ritual standards. The need for conducting special researches in sport has become especially acute after the World War 2 when Olympic games reached its peak. Phenomenal progress was observed in elite sport resulting in greater requirements for work of theory and technology of sports training. The researcher lists some really progressive, advanced trends that kept on developing in several our research schools regardless essential complicacies. Conclusion. Nowadays the primary matter of development of researches in the filed of sports culture consists in the work of principal approaches to theoretical anticipation of the results of realization of different by character, intensity, volume and adequacy of effects on human physical potential. Such a system is required that not only explains the reasons of effectiveness of this or that method of physical training but accurately indicates to the level of its adequacy to external and internal conditions of formation and development of physical potential of every certain man depending on selection of technology of sports training and tasks of formation of sports culture as a whole. Verf.-Referat