Hodnota krevního tlaku a srdeční frekvence při změně polohy těla u seniorek

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Title translated into German:Blutdruck- und Herzfrequenzwerte beim Wechsel der Körperlage bei Seniorinnen
Title translated into English:Values of blood pressure and heart rate by changing body position in senior woman
Author:Chmelová, Zdeňka; Hošková, Blanka; Nováková, Pavlína
Published in:Česká kinantropologie
Published:14 (2010), 3, S. 203-211, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU201305003612

Author's abstract

Aim of the study was to assess the impact of body position on changes in heart rate and blood pressure in two groups of senior women – in a group of regulary exercise senior women and in seniors with minimal and/or irregular physical activity. Were monitored values of blood pressure and heart rate by position changes from standing to lying and from lying to standing position (version 1, 2) and then from sitting to kneeling with hands in the floor and from kneeling with hands in the floor to sitting. We aspected the changes of followed variables by the changing of positions. Hypothesis that changes of the values will be clearly preferables for all variants in active seniors against to non-active was with confirmed only partially. The most noticeable changes were for changes in systolic blood pressure. Whereas that blood pressure affects a number of factors, and that the study was a pilot study with a small sample, we can hardly consider that factor had major effects on changes in pressure and heart rate. Conversely, clearly confirmed the speculation that the bigger changes of followed variants be in a 1, 2 against to 3, 4 version. Verf.-Referat