Posturální stabilita dětí se zrakovým postižením

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Title translated into German:Posturale Stabilität bei Kindern mit Sehbehinderung
Title translated into English:Postural stability and balance abilities of children with visual impairments
Author:Zahálka, František; Malý, Tomáš; Gryc, Tomáš; Malá, Lucia; Richterová, Markéta; Pavlů, Dagmar; Hanuš, Milan
Published in:Česká kinantropologie
Published:15 (2011), 3, S. 180-191, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU201304002371

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The aim of study was objectify children with visual impairments and measure its effect on their postural control and balance abilities. Ten visually impaired subjects, one subject with visual and vestibular impairment and one healthy subject took part in this study. The Footscan pressure platform system was used for measuring the effect of movement intervention on the on the postural control and balance abilities of individuals with visual impairments. The test results showed marked decreasing of the sum of total traveled ways gained by all the subjects in all testing positions. The quality of the single left leg stance improved in six subjects. Seven subjects registered and filled in the questionnaire the improvement of the balance abilities. According expectation limited change in tracked parameter at stem with open and closed eyes. Here could be observed lower fitness and motor skills ability which is needed for this type of test. Verf.-Referat