Profil telesného zloženia elitných basketbalistiek

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Title translated into German:Profil der Körperzusammensetzung von Spitzenbasketballspielerinnen
Title translated into English:Body composition of elite female basketball players
Author:Malá, Lucia; Malý, Tomáš; Zahálka, František; Kaplan, Aleš
Published in:Česká kinantropologie
Published:15 (2011), 3, S. 110-116, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU201304002363

Author's abstract

Body composition is considered a very important factor for athletes. Excessive adipose tissue acts as a dead weight in activities where the body mass must be repeatedly lifted against gravity during locomotion and jumping. The aim of the study was to determine body composition of a national team of female basketball players (n = 14, age 25.86±4.20 years, height 185.79±8.99 cm, weight 76.64±7.82 kg). Research data were obtained by means of a bioimpedance method (BIA 2000 M, Germany). We observed: absolute and relative amount of Fat Free Mass (FFM), percentage of Fat Mass (% FM), Body Cell Mass (BCM), Extra Cellular Mass (ECM) and their mutual ratio (ECM/BCM), Phase Angle (α), Total Body Water (TBW) distinguishing Extracellular Fluid (ECW) and Intracellular Fluid (ICW). The mean value of TBW is 53,76 % of a female player’s body weight. TBW distribution was 57.43 % in ICW and 42.69 % in ECW. The mean value of FFM = 60.30±5.42 kg. BCM was 50.98±4.62 % of FFM (CQ), which in absolute value means 30.61±2.71 kg. The ratio of ECM/BCM = 0.80±0.06, α=6,81±0.43 ° a FM = 21.22±1.66 %. Individual body composition parameters provide the values characteristic for elite female athletes. Interindividual comparison also not revealed differences in terms of player’s function. The presented data can serve as a certain top standard for comparisons of body composition quality in female players of the lower level with the aim to optimize and compensate the found differences. Verf.-Referat