The economics of sport, health and happiness : the promotion of well-being through sporting activities

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Title translated into German:Sportökonomie, Gesundheit und Glück : Förderung des Wohlbefindens durch Sportaktivitäten
Editor:Rodríguez, Plácido; Késenne, Stefan; Humphreys, Brad R.
Published:Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing (Verlag), 2011, 250 S., Lit.
Edition:1. Aufl.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Book
Media type: Print resource
Document Type: Anthology
ISBN:0857930133, 9780857930132
Series:New horizons in the economics of sport
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Identification number:PU201210006940


Including an array of distinguished contributors, this novel book fills a gap in the literature by addressing an important yet under researched issue in the field of sports economics. It places great emphasis on the notion that sport is a significant component for improving the happiness, health and well-being of citizens, communities and society as a whole. In so doing, it addresses whether, in an environment of increasing pressure on public spending, governments should continue to subsidize sporting activities at the expense of other public resources. Verl.-Info