Jump landings in snowboarding : an observational study

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Title translated into German:Sprunglandungen beim Snowboardfahren : eine Beobachtungsstudie
Author:McAlpine, P.; Kurpiers, N.; Kersting, U.G.
Published in:Science and skiing IV : Fourth International Congress on Science and Skiing ; St. Christoph a. A., Austria, December 14-20, 2007
Published:Maidenhead: Meyer & Meyer Sport (Verlag), 2009, S. 681-689, Lit.
Corporate author involved:International Congress on Skiing and Science
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Identification number:PU201111009632


At present there are no published articles that provide biomechanical descriptions of falls resulting from jumping in the sport of snowboarding. This is an important knowledge gap to fill. This study aims to provide this information. The focus is on jumping movements within terrain parks because these facili-ties are associated with the highest rates of falling. Along with falls, suc¬cessful jump landings will be analysed with the aim of furthering the under¬standing of physiological and equipment based demands of this popular sport. Predictors of falling in snowboard jumping are to be identified as well as the critical differences between successful and non successful jumps. Falling inci¬dence, landing technique and falling movements will be linked to manoeuvre type, landing position and flight characteristics. The results of this work will form the base for future quantitative biomechanical studies. Einleitung gekürzt