Temperature measurement reliability and validity with thermocouple extension leads or changing lead temperature

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Title translated into German:Reliabilität und Validität der Temperaturmessung mit Verlängerungsschnur bei den Thermoelementen oder Veränderung der Leitungstemperatur
Author:Jutte, Lisa S.; Long, Blaine C.; Knight, Kenneth L.
Published in:Journal of athletic training
Published:45 (2010), 6, S. 642-644, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Electronic resource (online) Print resource
ISSN:1062-6050, 0160-8320, 1938-162X
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Identification number:PU201107006415


Context: Thermocouples’ leads are often too short, necessitating the use of an extension lead. Objective: To determine if temperature measures were influenced by extension-lead use or lead temperature changes. Design: Descriptive laboratory study.
Setting: Laboratory. Other Participants: Experiment 1: 10 IT-21 thermocouples and 5 extension leads. Experiment 2: 5 IT-21 and PT-6 thermocouples. Methods: In experiment 1, temperature data were collected on 10 IT-21 thermocouples in a stable water bath with and without extension leads. In experiment 2, temperature data were collected on 5 IT-21 and PT-6 thermocouples in a stable water bath before, during, and after ice-pack application to extension leads. Results: In experiment 1, extension leads did not influence IT-21 validity (P = .45) or reliability (P = .10). In experiment 2, postapplication IT-21 temperatures were greater than preapplication and application measures (P < .05). Conclusions: Extension leads had no influence on temperature measures. Ice application to leads may increase measurement error. Verf.-Referat