Exercise psychology : a view from Europe

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Title translated into German:Sportpsychologie : eine Sicht aus Europa
Author:Biddle, Stuart J.H.; Fuchs, Reinhard
Published in:Psychology of sport and exercise
Published:10 (2009), 4, S. 410-419, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU201104003102


Objective: To provide a review and commentary on developments and key issues in the psychology of health-related physical activity (‘exercise psychology’). Design and Method: Narrative review and commentary. Results: A view from Europe is provided, with an emphasis on European influence and research. Summary commentaries are provided using the behavioural epidemiological framework as an organisational tool. The role of psychology is discussed in the study of physical activity correlates, theory, and interventions. Conclusions: The European influence in exercise and health psychology has been significant. However, more needs to be known about pre-intentional motivation processes and post-intentional volition, as well as clarifying and extending theories (e.g., translating intentions into behaviour). There is also a need to do more intervention work, and to improve how we conduct, evaluate and report interventions. New issues are emerging, including the study of sedentary behaviour. Verf.-Referat