Biomechanical study of the changes in walking motion as a result of conscious focus on the plantar arch

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Title translated into German:Biomechanische Studie zu Veränderungen der Gehbewegung als Ergebnis eines bewussten Fokusses auf den Plantarbogen
Author:Harada, Nanako
Published in:International journal of sport and health science
Published:4 (2006), S. 208-215, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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ISSN:1880-4012, 0915-3942, 1348-1509
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Identification number:PU200903001393


The purpose of the present study was to examine the change of walking pattern during conscious focus on the plantar arch. Four walking conditions were selected. Although the walking pattern was normal for each condition, the subject was asked to consciously focus on one of three regions of the plantar arch (Fore-foot Mid-foot and Rear-foot), or to walk without conscious focus on plantar pressure sensations (Normal). A well trained female subject performed five trials in each condition. Selected kinematic and kinetic parameters, including ground reaction force, joint angle and torque of the lower limb, and force generated by the agonist muscles, were analyzed using a 3D motion capture and force-plate system. Electromyograms of the agonist muscles were simultaneously measured. The normal walking motion was significantly different from the consciously focused conditions in the following ways: the Mid and Rear movement patterns were similar to Normal, but the recorded kinematic and kinetic values were greater. The walking pattern of Fore showed a similar pattern to running. Verf.-Referat