Lietuvos lengvosios atletikos moteru daugiakoves rinktines sportiniu rezultatu kaita Europos taures varzybose 1999-2003 m

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Title translated into English:Dynamics of the results of Lithuanian national team of track and field women-athlete round events during the 1999-2003 European Cup
Author:Gorianovas, Giedrius; Streckis, Vytautas; Butkus, Valentas; Radziukynas, Darius
Published in:Sporto mokslas
Published:2005, 1=39, S. 48-52, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:1392-1401, 2424-3949
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Identification number:PU200711003297


Research object was to analyze general consistent patterns and individual peculiarities of the dynamics of results of Lithuanian national team of track and field women athletes round events during the 1999-2003 European Cup. Data was received following the method of analysis of the literature sources and comparative pedagogical analysis of the competition results allow stating that Lithuanian heptathlon women athletes are young and promising, however big difference in mastery of individual athletes do not guarantee the possibility to compete in the first league of the European Cup. They can successfully compete in the first league just constantly having at least one high skilled athlete in their cast. It was established that individual sport results in the events of running and jumps of Lithuanian during the period of 1999-2003. The most high-scoring events of Lithuanian round-events women athletes as well as the European ones are 100m hurdling, high jumping and 200m running. Verf.-Referat