Fascists and christians! : in the Spanish martial tradition of the soldier-monk

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Title translated into German:Faschisten und Christen! : in der martialischen spanischen Tradition des Soldaten-Mönches
Author:Gonzales Aja, Teresa
Published in:The international journal of the history of sport
Published:16 (1999), 4 (Superman Supreme), S. 119-144, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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ISSN:0952-3367, 1743-9035
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Identification number:PU199912408341

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Fascism in Spain presents particular characteristics which clearly separate it from the Fascism which appeared in other countries. Spain is a country where Fascist politics took a long time to develop. Although they lasted longer than in any other country, they were consistent with weak Fascism and were marked by a strong catholicism. Religion has always played an important role in Spanish culture and tradition. This essay reviews the political phases of Fascism in terms of its ideology and the images which writers, philosophers and artists used to transmit. Verf.-Referat