From ethnic hero to national icon : the Americanization of Joe DiMaggio

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Title translated into German:Vom ethnischen Held zur nationalen Ikone : die Amerikanisierung von Joe DiMaggio
Author:Yoseloff, Anthony A.
Published in:The international journal of the history of sport
Published:16 (1999), 3 , S. 1-20, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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ISSN:0952-3367, 1743-9035
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Identification number:PU199912408309

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Early in his career, Joe DiMaggio, the star of the New York Yankees from 1936 through 1951, was derided by the national press as a lazy, umkempt Italian-American hero (with an emphasis on his Italian heritage) whose natural talent was the sole reason for his success. But DiMaggio's greatest triumph on the field coincided with the entry of the United States into the Second World War. America would not have a hero affiliated with a country with which it was about to go to war, so allusions to DiMaggio's heritage were dropped or curtailed. His image underwent a dramatic transformation - from ethnic sport hero to American mainstream cultural icon - during a critical time in United States history. Verf.-Referat