Science and medicine in sport

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Title translated into German:Sportwissenschaft und Sportmedizin
Editor:Bloomfield, John; Fricker, Peter A.; Fitch, Kenneth D.
Published:Carlton (Vic.): Blackwell Science (Verlag), 1995, XVI, 694 S., Lit.
Edition:2. Aufl.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Book
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU199811305285
AU  - Bloomfield, John
A2  - Bloomfield, John
A2  - Fricker, Peter A.
A2  - Fitch, Kenneth D.
DB  - BISp
DP  - BISp
ET  - 2. Aufl.
KW  - Anatomie, funktionelle
KW  - Asthma bronchiale
KW  - Behindertensport
KW  - Biomechanik
KW  - Diabetes mellitus
KW  - Epilepsie
KW  - Ernährung
KW  - Ernährungsstörung
KW  - Frauensport
KW  - Hitzebelastung
KW  - Immunsystem
KW  - Kinder- und Jugendsport
KW  - Mannschaftssport
KW  - Sportmedizin
KW  - Sportpsychologie
KW  - Sporttraumatologie
KW  - Talentsuche
KW  - Training, sportliches
KW  - Trainingswissenschaft
KW  - Umwelteinfluss
LA  - eng
PB  - Blackwell Science
CY  - Carlton (Vic.)
TI  - Science and medicine in sport
TT  - Sportwissenschaft und Sportmedizin
PY  - 1995
N2  - `Science and Medicine in Sport' comprehensively covers both sports science and medicine, providing applied information for medical practitioners and other allied health professionals, as well as postgraduate students. The book covers both the prevention and treatment of injury, with well-integrated and cross-referenced sections on sports science and sports medicine. The second edition has been completely updated and the sports medicine section had been expanded considerably, with emphasis on the prevention of injury. New chapters on 'Exercise and lmmunity' and 'Eating Disorders' have been included. This edition was written by 43 authors with the assistance of 28 special contributors. One third of the text deals with sports science, while the remainder covers the mechanisms of injury and the principles involved in their treatment to all regions of the body. The final section gives consideration to the special issues of children in sport, the female athlete, doping, the immune system and the problems of the disabled, asthmatic, epileptic and diabetic athlete.   Klappentext
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ID  - PU199811305285
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