Update on exercise-induced asthma - a report on the Olympic Exercise Asthma Summit Conference

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Title translated into German:Aktueller Wissenstand zum belastungsinduzierten Asthma - ein Bericht von der Olympic Exercise Asthma Summit Conference
Author:Storms, W.W.; Joyner, D.M.
Published in:The physician and sportsmedicine
Published:25 (1997), 3 , S. 45-48, 51, 55, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0091-3847, 2326-3660
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Identification number:PU199802300094

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Exercise-induced asthma (EIA) can be easily overlooked and underdiagnosed, especially in school children or recreational athletes. It affects individuals of all levels of activity, from recreational sports to competition. This article summarizes the results of the Olympic Exercise Asthma Summit Conference, organized by the Sports Medicine Division of the US Olympic Committee. Making the correct diagnosis of EIA is very important and usually requires some form of pulmonary function testing. Because effective pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatment is available for this condition, patients should be followed until the condition is controlled. Verf.-Referat