Zmiany budowy somatycznej u dzieci z lejkowata klatka piersiowa pod wplywem rehabilitacji

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Title translated into German:Veraenderungen des Koerperbaus durch Rehabilitationstraining bei Kindern mit Trichterbrust
Author:Kluba, L.; Zaplatka, P.; Magiera, A.; Ronikier, A.
Published in:Postepy rehabilitacji
Published:10 (1996), 1 , S. 99-104, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199705204825

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The results of observation of 53 children with various grades of funnel deformity of the chest (9 girls and 44 boys) are reported. The children were divided into age groups. They received conservative treatment with suggestion of intensive rehabilitation exercises. Their age was 7-18 years. The observation were conducted at the Therapeutic Rehabilitation Department, Mother and Child Institute in Warsaw. The purpose of the study was to assess the effects of a one-year rehabilitation programme on the somatic development and on change of somatic parameters related to the evolution of chest deformity. The measurements were done with tape measure and bow calipers. The reported somatic features characterized in a measurable way the results of one-year observation. The interpretation of the results, in particular of rehabilitation effects on various parameters is not unequivocal and confirms previous opinions on the complexity of the problem of treating children with this deformity. Verf.-Referat