Organisation of collagen fibrils in tendon: changes induced by an anabolic steroid. I. Functional and ultrastructural studies

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Title translated into German:Organisation der Kollagenfasern im Sehnengewebe: Veraenderungen durch anabole Steroide. I. Funktionelle und ultrastrukturelle Untersuchungen
Author:Michna, Horst
Published in:Virchows Archiv / B, Cell pathology including molecular pathology
Published:52 (1986), S. 75-86, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199604107243

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The organisation of tendon collagen fibrils has been studied by electron microscopy after treatment with an anabolic steroid hormone in a short-term and a long-term study. The effect of anabolic steroids is of interest because of their use in competitive sports and in clinical therapy. In a functional experimental model the unexpected occurence of dysplastic as well as ruptured and dissociated collagen fibrils was revealed. The striking time-dependent collagen dysplasia and other pathological findings strongly suggest that in mice anabolic steroid treatment predisposes to tendon rupture especially when the animals are exercised. The possible underlying mode of action of anabolic steroid hormone on connective tissue is discussed. Verf.-Referat