Roller-blades: should they carry a government health warning?

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Title translated into German:Rollerblades: sollten sie eine Warnung des Gesundheitsministers tragen?
Author:Spicer, D.D.M.; Mullins, M.M.; Wexler, D.M.
Published in:Injury
Published:27 (1996), 6 , S. 401-403, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199603106741

Author's abstract

Rollerblading is increasingly popular in the UK. Over 12 weeks, we treated 29 patients of whom 34 per cent required operative intervention. There was a wide range of injuries, those of the radius being most common, and some (e.g. femoral and pelvic fractures) being quite severe. The value of protective equipment is discussed. Verf.-Referat